Chalazion surgery

Chalazion surgery


Surgical treatment may be considered in case of unresolved chalazion or large and symptomatic
chalazion. Incision and curettage is the treatment of choice.
Local anaethestic agent is injected to the area surrounding the lesion. Eyelid is then everted with
special clamp and incision is made through conjunctiva. Contents of chalazion are curetted, and
tarsus may be minimally resected if indicated. Since the operation is done at the inner side of eyelid,
no scar will be seen over the anterior aspect of the lid.
Preferably, specimens obtained during the procedure should be sent to pathology.

Surgical follow up

Patient may be seen again in several weeks, or follow-up as required. The inflamed lid may still take
several weeks to completely resolve.


Large chalazia can occasionally exert mass effect on cornea and result in astigmatism and blurred
vision; Acute secondary infection leading to pain that may require incision and curettage.
Steroid injection may lead to local skin depigmentation or atrophy of skin.


Excellent prognosis is expected. Untreated chalazion can resolve spontaneously in weeks.